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Eye Injuries

The human eye is a delicate, vulnerable part of our bodies. Our eyes can easily be injured, causing severe damage that can lead to partial vision loss, and in some cases total blindness. Serious injuries to the eyes can happen in a variety of scenarios. Eye injuries can occur at work on the job. Employment involving dangerous conditions, faulty or inadequate eye protection, or a trauma type injury to the eye from flying objects or debris at work are common causes of injury to the eyes. Playing sports, engaging in certain hobbies, and even using everyday household chemicals and cosmetics can increase the chances of eye injuries.

Eye injuries can occur as a result of the negligence of a person or company, or from a defectively designed product. Sometimes eye injuries can result from a car crash.

If you or a family member has suffered an eye injury in South Carolina, a knowledgeable workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney can help you. At Alan M. Tanenbaum, P.A., we can help you investigate and determine the causes of your injury and obtain compensation under workers’ compensation as well as from a potential person or company at fault.

South Carolina Eyesight Loss Attorney

A small piece of metal or wood landing in your eye can evolve into inflammation and cause permanent eyesight loss, even if partial. Other common causes of eye injuries include exposure to chemicals, heat and flames, assault, air gun and pellet gun shots, even animal bites.

Eye injuries in workplaces are very common. Construction workers are particularly vulnerable. If your injury resulted from negligence or recklessness of a third party who is not your employer or a co-worker, you may have the right to recover damages and losses in addition to workmen’s compensation benefits.

Whether the negligence of a person or company caused or contributed to your injury, or if a defective product and its manufacturer must be held responsible, our team at Alan M. Tanenbaum, P.A., can seek to help you prepare a claim for compensation for your loss.

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